Ultimate Day of Focus and Discipline (almost)

It took some time, but I accomplished 4/7ths of the Bruce Lee Ultimate Day of Focus and Discipline (trademark pending). And I’m still quite sore. The 4/7ths version includes meditation, strength training, cardio, and karate training. As I alluded to previously, these activities must accomplished in one day. “Why,” you may ask, “must one accomplish all of this in just one day.” I have no idea, except to say that Bruce said so. Remember, this is only the beginning, I must find a way to fit the 3/7 in as well. In spite of the soreness.

What type of Superman was this Bruce Lee? I struggle to stay awake after only half  a day of life as Bruce. Now I am beginning to see how the Year of Bruce implies a total life transformation and some access to limitless amounts of energy (would a Diet Rockstar per day really be so bad?).

At least I’m getting through the entire 1965 Hak Keung Gymnasium workout. That takes 90 minutes. And my run took 60 minutes. This was the shortened version. And the karate workout took 45 minutes. Again, the shortened version. With recovery periods and eating to maintain my energy, this took me from noon to 5 pm. 5 hours minus 2.25 hours = 2.75 hours for recovery and eating (and the internet may have been in there somewhere).

Apparently, I’m a slow eater and I need a lot of recovery time (and internet). You see, my legs are not quite working today. It seems that the 4/7ths workout blasts my legs, tremendously. Squats, then karate stances, then running up hill will have an impact, I’ve now learned. They are already big, I wonder what’s going to happen to them? Will they get even bigger or just more toned? I guess I’ll find out if I start bursting out of my pants like the Incredible Hulk.

April 29, 2013

Up early to meditate. I’m working on counting. Have you tried counting breaths? I’m discovering that it’s so much harder than it sounds. You see, in meditation, counting breaths means just that and nothing else. It’s 6 am, I still don’t love 6 am. And it seems that when I’m tired, the mind wanders even more than usual. I’m doubling my counts, hoping that there is no room for thought to enter.

In – “Onnnnnne.” Out – “Onnnnnnne.” In – “Twoooooo.” Out -”They see me rollin’/They hatin’/Patrollin’/’They’re to catch me ridin dirty/Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty/Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty/Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty/Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty.”

I don’t even like Chamillionaire. Why am I being tortured by his catchy, catchy lyrics?! OK. In – “Onnnnne.” Out – “Onnnnne.” In – “Two.” Out – “Two.” “OK, I’m doing it!” Oh no, I just thought about not thinking, therefore I’m thinking. In – “One.” Out – Eyes close, I almost fall off my cushion. “So tired, I want my bed back!” Somewhere in this battle with myself, my alarm goes off. Fifteen minutes, done. Let’s try again tomorrow.

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